[Dshow] DirectShow Filter Build시 발생하는 Link Error 해결방법

Some of the DirectShow samples break if you install Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. Most of the errors that I found fall into three categories:
  • C4430: Missing type specifier. To conform with C++, undeclared types do not default to int. All types must be declared. Fix: Declare the type, or suppress the warning with the "/wd4430" flag.
  • C4996: ‘ xxxx’ was declared deprecated. You may be including an older version of strsafe.h from the DirectX SDK or the Platform SDK. You should include the version installed with Visual Studio. (But it’s probably harmless to ignore this warning.) 
  • C2065: ‘xxx’: undeclared identifier. To conform with C++, the scope of a variable declared inside a "for" loop is restricted to the loop. Fixes: (a) Move the declaration outside the for loop. (b) Redeclare the variable in multiple scopes, if you don’t need it to persist outside the loop. (c)Set the /Zc:forScope flag.(You can find this under Project, Properties, Configuration Properties, C/C++, Language, Force Conformance In For Loop Scope. Set to "No".)

Here are the specific fixes that I made. Warning: I have not thoroughly tested these, and I only tried them under the "Windows XP 32-bit Debug" environment in Platform SDK. You should use your own judgment before making any of these fixes.

  • BaseClasses\ctlutil.h (278)  
       (LONG) operator=(LONG);
  • BaseClasses\wxdebug.cpp (564)
       static DWORD g_dwLastRefresh = 0;
  • BaseClasses\winutil.cpp (2092)
       UINT Count;
       for (Count = 0;Count < Result;Count++) {
  •  BaseClasses\outputq.cpp (635)
       long iDone = 0;
       for (iDone = 0;
  • Capture\AmCap\amcap.cpp (691)
       for(int i = 0; i < NUMELMS(gcap.rgpmAudioMenu); i++)
  • Capture\AmCap\amcap (2795)
       for(int i = 0; i < NUMELMS(gcap.rgpmAudioMenu); i++)
  • DMODemo\dsutil.cpp (686)
        DWORD i = 0;
        for( i=0; i<m_dwNumBuffers; i++ )
  • dmoimpl.h (622)   [In the Platform SDK headers]
        for (DWORD dw = 0; dw < NUMBEROFOUTPUTS; dw++) {
  • DMO\GargleDMO\MedParamBase\param.cpp (91)
        for (DWORD dwIndex = 0; dwIndex < cParams; dwIndex++)
  • DMO\GargleDMO\MedParamBase\param.cpp (309)
        CCurveItem *pCurve = NULL;
        for (pCurve = pCurveHead;
  • DMO\GargleDMO\gargle.cpp (145)
        for (DWORD i = 0; i < cOutputStreams && SUCCEEDED(hr); ++i)
  • Filters\Dump\dump.cpp (426)
        for (int Loop = 0;Loop < (DataLength % BYTES_PER_LINE);Loop++)
  • Filters\Gargle\gargle.cpp (212)
        static int m_nInstanceCount; // total instances
  • Filters\RGBFilters\RateSource\ratesource.cpp (382)
        for( int y = 0 ; y < DEFAULT_HEIGHT ; y++ )
  • Filters\RGBFilters\RateSource\ratesource.cpp (387)
        for( int y = 0 ; y < DEFAULT_WIDTH ; y++ )
  • VMR\VMRXclBasic and VMR\Ticker: LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘dxguid.lib’. This was an error in the makefile. Change to read:
        DXLIB="$(DXSDK_DIR)\Lib\x86"  (currently says "x32")
  • VMR\VMRXcl and VMR\VMRMulti: C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘d3dxmath.h’: No such file or directory. This is an old DX header that is no longer included in DX or in Visual Studio. Unfortunately the only fix is to download an older version of the DirectX SDK.
  • VMR9\MultiVMR9\GamePlayer\character.cpp (383)
        DWORD i = 0;
        for (i = 0; i < pMeshContainer->NumInfl; ++i)
  • VMR9\MultiVMR9\DLL\MixerControl.h (28)
        static const DWORD MultiVMR9Mixer_DefaultFVF = D3DFVF_XYZ | D3DFVF_DIFFUSE | D3DFVF_TEX1;
  • VMR9\VMRAllocator: error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "wchar_t * __stdcall _com_util::ConvertStringToBSTR(char const *)" (etc).  Add this to the makefile:

       comsuppw.lib \

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